Eberhard Faber Metallic Fibre-tip Pens

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 x  48,00 kn


Set consisting of 6 metallic felt-tip pens with odorless, harmless water-based ink, stable, impression-proof tips (approx. 1.5 mm) and ventilated caps to protect against drying out.
Intense colors with a noble metallic effect: gold, silver, copper, ruby-red metallic, blue metallic, green metallic.
Dried paint is smudge-proof and splash-proof, and water-proof after fixing at 160 °C in the oven (not dishwasher-proof).
Ideal for surfaces such as light and dark paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, metal and stone, foil, wood and porcelain, does not bleed through the paper, no pumping or shaking necessary.
For shiny highlights and individual gifts full of imagination - are also suitable for decorating posters, photo albums, gift tags, greeting cards, diaries or scrapbooking.