Marabu Textil Screen Printing Set

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Screen printing is a method of printing that involves forcing the printing ink through a finely woven mesh onto the fabric using a squeegee. On the areas of the fabric where no ink is to be printed, according to the pattern, the openings of the mesh are made impermeable to ink using a paper stencil.

Water-based, saliva-resistant, washable to 40 °C, and soft to the touch. For light-coloured fabrics free of finishes and fabric conditioners (max. 20 % synthetic fibre). After drying, fix in the oven (150 °C/8 minutes), or iron for 3 minutes without steam. Stir paints before use and clean tools in water after use.

Contents: 1 x Textil Print 100 ml (974), 1 x screen (250 x 188 mm; 51T/130), 1 x squeegee (102 x 73 mm), 1 x painting knife,1 x brochure.

Made in Germany.