Porcelain Metallic 15 ml - porcelain paint

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 x  16,50 kn


For totally original tableware – however you choose. Design your own dinner service - cheerful and colourful or simple and elegant. Using Marabu-Porcelain, china and glassware can be painted easily and without the bother of oven fixing. The high-gloss porcelain paint is available in 18 different standard and fashion shades. The colour range is completed by 8 metallic and glitter shades which add special highlights. All shades are intermixable. Marabu-Porcelain is extremely versatile. Even beginners can obtain great results using easy techniques like stamping or stencilling. Original designs can be painted with a brush. Using Marabu-Porcelain, you can add colour to your kitchen, bathroom or your table!

Dishwasher-safe without oven fixing (max. 50°C).

However, to speed up the drying process or in combination with the Marabu Porcelain & Glas Painter, the paint can also be fired for 30 minutes at 160 °C.

Simply paint, allow to dry, finished! Versatile use: painting, stamping, stencilling Water based, odourless and lightfast for porcelain and glass

Here’s how it’s done:

1. The porcelain surface should be cleaned thoroughly with hot water and detergent or Marabu-Cleaner so that it is dust and grease-free. Rinse off Cleaner residues thoroughly before you start painting.

2. Stir the paints thoroughly before use, as the colour pigments will form a sediment at the bottom of the jar – do not shake!

3. Paint the surface as desired (see also porcelain painting techniques).

4. The paint is touch-dry after 30 minutes, dishwasher-safe after 3 days. We recommend rinsing your painted glasses in the programme for glasses/cups at a maximum 50 °C.