Textil plust 50 ml - for dark fabrics

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Opaque, water based fabric paint for school, hobby, leisure and crafts use, especially for dark but also for light coloured, non-finished fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk, jute and blended woven fabrics up to max. 20 % synthetic content. Ideal for painting and stencilling. When fixed, Textil plus is washing machine-resistant up
to 40 °C.
All the colours can be intermixed. For stiffer and heavier materials we recommend applying a thicker layer of paint.

Working Guidelines
Before painting, wash the fabric to remove finishing and softening agent. Apply Marabu-Textil plus to the dried fabric and allow to dry. Then iron the whole painted area (50 x 50 cm of each) from the front, through a thin cloth, at the heat setting for cotton, for five minutes or fix in a pre-heated oven for 8 min. at 150 °C. After that, Marabu-Textil plus is extremely wash-resistant up to 40 °C. Clean brushes and other utensils with water immediately after use. Always wash and iron the painted textiles inside out or iron the whole painted area from the front, through a thin cloth.