Gift Bag with a Teddy Bear

A simple idea to decorate a paper bag.

Material and tools:

A paper bag, softpaper with teddy bears, inkpad, paper doily for cakes (or genuine lace), mini decorations (snow flakes, stars, ...), mother of pearl buttons, zig-zag scissors and glue.


1 Cut out a motif from softpaper. Glue it onto the cardboard and cut it. Use inkpad to emphasize the edge.

2 Glue it onto the colorful cardboard, and then cut out with zig-zag scissors.

3 Cut in two parts the paper doily. Glue the paper bag with a part going over the side.

4 Glue the teddy bear over it. Decorate the paper bag with tiny decorations such as snow flakes, mother of pearl buttons,...

5 Cut out a piece of cardboard to write the name of the guest of honour or any other message.

Made by Višnja Skorin