River pearls jewelry

Complete your spring look with a ring and earrings in the shade of a mountain lake.

Material and tools:

For the ring:
- river pearls
- marble beads
- metal ring with net
- nylon transparent thread 0,25 mm

For earrings:
- pierced earrings
- filigree caps
- pins 35mm
- thin silver chain


1 Metal net enables you to firmly fix pearls into the ring without gluing or soldering.
Use a nylon thread to fix the first river pearl.

2 The knot should be in the inner side of the net. That part will not be seen so do not worry about aesthetic.

3 Fix the other pearls in the same way alternating the river pearls with the marble beads.

4 Place the net with the pearls in the ring, using pliers squeeze the tightening wings.


1 Delicate look of the earrings is accomplished by the filigree caps on the top of the pearls. Put on a filigree cap and a pearl on the silver pin. Shorten the pin if it is too long, leaving space at the end for a loop.

2 Thread a silver chain about 8cm long through the hook. Join the chain ends. Thread the pin with pearl and make a loop.

3 Thread the other pearls the way you wish - you may group them in a bunch at the bottom or equally spread on the chain.

Designed by Višnja Skorin