Inspiration Stones

Check out how to paint inspiration rocks!

Brighten someone's day with a sweet and sincere inspiration rock! Check out this fabulous video made by Mark Montano.

Here's what you'll need:

- Smooth Stones

- Americana Acrylic Paint

- DuraClear Gloss Varnish

Let's paint some rocks!

1 Base coat with Americana Acrylics

2 Paint each stone with circles

3 Paint petals around each circle with a round brush

4 Paint from the petal tip toward the center

5 Use different colors for each flower

6 Accent the flower centers with smaller circles

7 Add a second layer of petals

8 Dot the flower centres with the end of your paintbrush

9 Add leaves in the empty spaces and highlight them with another shade of green

10 Write a sweet message on the back of each stone

11 Seal with DuraClear gloss varnish

Rock on!

Idea, video and text: Mark Montano, DecoArt