Vintage Box Chalky Chic

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 x  94,00 kn


Marabu Chalky Chic Vintage Box paint set contains:

1 box 15 x 15 x 7 cm,

2 x 100 ml Chalky-Chic paint (171 edelweiss, 135 antique violet)

1 x brush size 20

1 x sandpaper.

The box has a heart-shaped cut-out in the lid which is ideal for inserting a photo or leaving a short message.

The water-based chalk paint is suitable for many surfaces, such as wood, MDF, glass, metal, paper mache, paper, ceramics, canvas, plastic, etc. and creates a velvety soft finish.

All the paints are light fast as well as water and weather-resistant and can be mixed together.