Eggs decorated with beads

Make an effective Easter tree with tiny seed beads and structural paste.


Besides beads, you will need: a dozen plastic or styrofoam eggs, soft alu-wire 2 mm, DO-IT white spray paint, a few dry twigs, a thin ribbon in chosen shade.


1 Mix a few drops of acrylic paint for chozen shade into the fine-grained structural paste.

2 Place the egg on the stick and spread the structural paste over it.

3 While the paste is still wet add beads. The best effect is achieved with the beads in the paste shade combined with transparent beads. Leave it to dry.

4 Spray the twigs with white paint while the paste is drying.

5 Cut the alu-wire in pieces 5 cm long. Form a spring at the top with pliers to get hooks for hanging. Place them into the eggs.

6 Put the tree into a glass jar filled with the rest of the beads. Thread decorative ribbons and hang the eggs on the tree.

Made by: Višnja Skorin