Vintage eggs

Decorate eggs with stamps and tulle ribbon.

Material and tools:

styrofoam eggs (or plastic ones),
white rice paper,
varnish for napkin technique,
"Paris Couture" stamp,
checked ribbon,
tulle ribbon,
hangers for eggs.



1 Tear the rice paper into small pieces. Glue it onto the egg with decoupage glue. It will give the egg a fine texture.

2 Choose a stamp.

3 Dab it with ink and press the motif on the rest of the rice paper.

4 Tear the motif with your fingers and then glue it onto the egg.

5 You can paint the motif with coloured pencils.

6 Add decorative checked ribbon, the color of the ink.

7 Cut about 20 cm of tulle ribbon. Fold it in half. Thread a cotton thread and "draw" the ribbon. Join the ends.

8 Thread the egg hanger through the satin rose and then through the tulle.

9 Stick the hanger into the egg. Add a ribbon to hang it on.

Made by: Višnja Skorin