DO-IT colour spray 150ml - transparent with glitter

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 x  38,50 kn


Marabu do it glitter spray, 150 ml.

High-quality colour spray for all big and small projects in the areas of crafts and DIY. For an even surface without visible brush strokes. Sparkling glitter effects. Transparent. Suitable for polystyrene without prior use of primer. Extremely quick drying, lightfast, partially weatherproof, smudge-proof. Acrylic-based. Also ideal for stencilling.

Shake can vigorously for 2 min. before use.
Ideal spraying temperature about 20°C. Spray from 30 cm distance.
After use always turn can upside down and spray until the valve is empty (until only gas escapes from it) so that the valve will not be clogged.

Do-it is not suitable for seating surfaces as the paint may become sticky through body heat.