Payment and delivery

Presently, it is only possible to make an order in Croatia and Slovenia (for orders to Slovenia please see information at the bottom of this section). Total price excludes delivery charges. It is not necessary to register in order to make a purchase, however being registered will further improve your next shopping experience. All prices include VAT.

Free delivery on orders over 30 EUR (for parcels up to 3 kg delivered in Croatia only).

There is a 10% discount on orders over 67,00 EUR (not applicable if paying by card). The discount will be applied and become visible only at the final billing stage.

For parcels over 3 kg, delivery charge is 7,00 EUR.

For parcels over 3 kg, we will contact you to let you know the exact delivery charge.

For parcels up to 3 kg please choose the form of payment:

  • Cash on delivery
    Prilikom preuzimanja pošiljke dostavljaču se plaća cjelokupni iznos naznačen u računu uključujući i trošak dostave. Iznos naručenih artikala + troškovi poštarine od 3,50 EUR. Iznos poštarine je fiksni i visina ukupnog iznosa ne utječe na povećanje poštarine. Naručene artikle šaljemo isti ili idući dan. Za narudžbe iznad 30,00 EUR dostava je besplatna.
  • Advance payment with a bank transfer or via internet banking
    Trošak poštarine iznosi 3,00 EUR za pakete do 3 kg težine. Ako je narudžba iznad 30,00 EUR (i ako je težina paketa do 3kg) dostava je besplatna. Uplata se vrši na IBAN HR9823600001101459408 (u poziv na broj upisuje se datum narudžbe, npr. 01012023 ili broj ponude). Nakon izvršenja narudžbe molimo da pričekate našu ponudu s podacima za uplatu. Važna napomena: Ne prihvaćamo Revolut transakcijske uplate. Želite li platiti Revolut karticom, molimo da odaberete plaćanje karticama.
  • Payment by transfer order (wholesale buyers)
    When making an order please add your company’s name and address, personal identification number (OIB) and delivery address if different from the company’s address in the Comments section.
  • Collect in the store
    If you are collecting your order in person at one of Chemaco shops in Zagreb – Ulica grada Vukovara 226 or Petrinjska ulica 31/1, please write at which shop you would like to collect your order in the Comments section and wait for our email advising you when the order will be ready to collect.
  • Credit card
    Ukupan iznos naručenih artikala + 3,50 EUR poštarine. Za narudžbe iznad 30,00 EUR poštarina je besplatna. Nakon izvršene narudžbe poslat ćemo vam link preko kojega možete izvršiti plaćanje. Na sigurnoj stranici T-Com Pay Waya odaberite vrstu kreditne kartice kojom plaćate (American Express, MasterCard, Visa ili Diners) i upišite tražene podatke.

T-Com Pay Way system will email you with a receipt confirming that your credit card has been authorised for the requested amount only once your order is ready for delivery.

Please note: Your credit card has not yet been charged. Payment details have been checked and the amount of your purchase notified. When your order is ready to dispatch we will charge you for this transaction and take the required amount (it may be the same as authorised or, if we have not delivered the whole order for any reason after having it discussed it with you in advance, we will deduct those items from the amount charged). For your protection, the Pay Way system does not allow us to charge more or to access your credit card details. When we cancel a transaction or forward it for payment, the T-com Pay Way system will send you another email confirmation.


The safety of your payment details passed between your computer and service provider T-Com Pay Way system is ensured through the use of encryption and safety protocol. T-Com Pay Way utilises the latest data protection standards - Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit encryption and MD5 algorithm. ISO 8583 protocol ensures that any information exchanged between the T-Com Pay Way system and credit card authorisation networks stays within a secure network that is protected from unauthorised excess with a double firewall.

Privacy Policy

Chemaco Ltd. is committed to protection of its customers’ details, so that only essential and elementary personal information on its customers/users is collected, where necessary in order to comply with our obligations. We inform our customers on the ways their details are used and give them opportunity to opt out, including the choice on whether or not they wish to unsubscribe from lists that are used for marketing purposes. All customers’ personal details are kept strictly confidential and are available only to those employees who need to use them in the course of their duties. All Chemaco Ltd. employees and their business partners are responsible for complying with data protection principles.

If you choose to pay on delivery, we will dispatch your order on the same or the next day. If you choose to use a payment slip or credit card payment, we will send you the order confirmation with the exact amount and other details relevant to your order.

Items that are listed as in-stock will be delivered within 3 working days from the order completion if within the territory of Croatia, except on the islands where delivery time is 7 working days. This excludes products with special notification.

The customers will be immediately notified by our customer service in case of any changes to delivery times or any other circumstances that are crucial to order completion.

Poštarina za Sloveniju iznosi 9,00 EUR za pakete do 3 kg težine. Slanje pošiljke moguće je jedino uz plaćanje unaprijed (internet bankarstvom, kreditnom karticom ili Paypal-om). Dostava je DPD dostavnom službom