KREUL Leaf Metal Effect Spray Silver 400 ml

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 x  15,66 EUR / 117,99 kn


With the KREUL Silver Effect Spray, accessories can be created in no time at all.

The nitro combi-paint in silver is sprayed on in several thin layers. The metallic look can be achieved in no time. It's wonderful how evenly the silver tone shimmers! Whether for the restoration of old mirrors or antique objects - with KREUL Effect Spray Silver it becomes seamlessly elegant without visible brushstrokes. The silver sheen is best expressed on white primed surfaces.

For wood, paper, cardboard, stone, dried concrete, terracotta, glass, ceramics, clay, metal, synthetic materials. Not suitable for Styrofoam.


Fast-drying nitro-combi quality with an impressive silver metallic look
Best effect will be achieved on a white ground, if necessary, prime with KREUL Acrylic matt paint White

Application: Remove rust and dirt. The surface must be clean, dry and free from grease. Protect surrounding areas from spray dust. Shake can for 2 min. Test spray. Check compatibility with base coat at a hidden area. Apply several thin crosswise coats. Spraying distance approx. 25 cm (10 in.).
Effect depends on color of surface and number of applied layers
Do not spray over synthetic resin paints.
For exterior use, overcoat with KREUL Zapon Varnish.