Marabu easy marble set PASTEL

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Marble effects take over the design world - create your own designer pieces with a delicate pastel touch: Drip, dip, done! The bright pastel shades based on organic solvents are ideal for both light and dark coloured objects made of glass, ceramic, plastic, wood and paper. Drip the marbling paint onto water, draw patterns, dip the object in slowly and pull it out again quickly. White pigments in the pastel shades settle heavily and should be shaken vigorously before use. If necessary, remove the drip cap and stir. The colour intensity is dependent on the size of the water container and the amount of paint applied. Instructions with tips in the enclosed brochure.

Contents: 6 x 15 ml easy marble (Rose taupe 165, Lilac 296, Grey blue 140, mistletoe 159, Grey 078, Crystal clear 101), 1 x instructions