Marabu Fineliner Graphix 4 pcs

Quantity and price
 x  5,96 EUR / 44,91 kn


Contents: 4 x Fineliner
Fineliner 0,2 mm, black
Fineliner 0,4 mm, black
Fineliner 0,8 mm, black
Fineliner brush, black

Intense contrasts are not just for black and white thinkers. Outline your idea with a strong contour and break it up with hashing and dotting – give it volume. Draw in black, draw in loud colours. Use the tip, use the edge. Marabu Graphix Fineliners are designed for impulsive and structured visualisations. Sometimes a fine tip, sometimes a broad edge. Sometimes straight, sometimes dynamically curved. But always vibrant and strong. And always true to your line.