Pongee 05

Quantity and price
 x  10,60 EUR/m / 79,87 kn


This is the most widely sold silk quality and perfect for beginners of silk painting. It is fine, very light and shows the beautiful gloss of silk. The dye flows fast and easily in every direction and spreads evenly on the fabric. Therefore pongee 05 is considered the silk for painting. All silk painting techniques succeed equally well. This material is often used in schools, facilities where children spend their leisure time and for occupational therapies because of its favorable price. You should choose a firmer quality like pongee 08 for the lining of clothes. Pongee 05, on the other hand, is perfect for decorations of any kind and for delicate canopies. It is as well suited for for light curtains, but not for windows facing south as silk is susceptible to UV light.