Rub down transfers "Spooky Hollows"

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Rub down transfers. Contents: 1 background card (size 21.5 x 30 cm), 1 transfer sheet with backing paper.

1. Remove the backing paper away from the transfer sheet. Select the image you wish to scribble down onto the background scene.

Take your time and enjoy creating your very own picture.

2. Place the transfer sheet with the images face up, then scribble all over the chosen image only, using a pen, pencil or coin.

Try not to lean on the sheet when you scribble down.

3. Remove the transfer sheet slowly and carefully so that your image stays on the background. Cover the image using the backing paper and rub again.

Remember you can scribble down transfers on top of each other.

Important: Do not apply to skin.

Recommended age 4+.