Window Style design-set Flowers – On sale!

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Window Style stands for the refining of the classical Window Color and manages the jump towards a trendy living space decoration. The opaque Stencil Color is the fast and stylish medium for decoration of all windows or any other glass surface.

The application is very easy:
Apply the self adhesive stencil on the surface that should be colored. Pile on the color, take-off the stencil, let dry – ready!

Content: 2 x Window Style Stencils size DIN A4, 4 x 50 ml Window Style Stencil Colour (pink, orange, apple green, glitter silver),
1 pc. painting knife with bented grip made from plastic, instructions.

The surface should be dust and grease free. Apply colors undiluted.
In case of surplus color, this can be easily removed with a wet cloth. The colors unfold their color effect after drying. At first some shades may appear milky. Colors can be mixed together and are well combinable.

Made in Germany.