Autumn lantern

Place leaves picked during your autumn walk on a glass jar.

Add tealights and enjoy the calming effect.

Besides chosen leaves, prepare:

- clean jars
- paper napkins
- decoupage glue
- tealights

1 Gather smaller, fine shaped leaves. Place them between two pieces of paper and place on it a heavy book. Leave it an hour or two to flatten.

2 Give a jar one coat of decoupage glue and then glue the leaves. Leave them to dry.

3 Use paper napkins to separate the layers and then tear them in small bits. Glue the jar and a leaf, and place the torn bits. Be careful to cover the whole surface and even a part of the inner brim.

4 When the glue is dry, the whole jar gets a milky effect and the leaves will look as if caught in the first autumn frost. Place a tealight into it.

Designed by Višnja Skorin