Decorate jars for pickles

Pickles - tasty and decorative

With little jute and decorative bits such as little mushrooms, apples, peaches, sweet corn, wheat stalks or similar even ordinary jars for pickles can become decorative. Jams and marmalade can be decorated with the fruit they are made from, and to avoid sticking labels place little cobs of sweet corn on corn flour. Such containers are the right solution if you have a small pantry.


1 Decorate a jar with ground walnuts or nuts with jute, a raffia ribbon. Glue little artificial moss, little mushrooms and walnut or nut shells onto the lid to get the image of forest soil.
2 Decorate peach and apple marmalade with little apples and peaches on raffia ribbon and tie the ribbon. You can add a flower or two or a wooden bauble.

Designed by Višnja Skorin