Forest party

Decorate your table for autumn parties with merry mushrooms made of corks!

Material and tools:

    - corks
    - felt in red and white shade
    - little raffia
    - red pom-poms
    - black waterproof felttip pen
    - white and green Decorlack
    - hot glue
    - a piece of polystyrene or soft wood
    - little moss
    - wooden sticks or toothpicks


1 Cut out a shape of dome from red felt (about 5 cm in diameter) and spots from the white one. Glue the ends of the dome and then glue the spots on it.

2 Cut out raffia ribbons 7 cm in length and glue them in the inside of the dome. Cut off the extra leaving only few milimeters out of the dome.

3 Paint the corks (tops) with white Decorlack. Leave it to dry and then glue the dome on the top of the cork, a red pompon on the place for the nose and draw eyes and a mouth with felttip pen.

4 Cut out a rectangular from the red felt and a smaller one from the white one. Glue a stick (a toothpick) between them and then write down a name with felttip pen.

5 Additional forest detail is moss base. Cut out piece of polystyrene or soft wood. Point it with green acrylic paint. Leave it to dry and then glue the moss and a few forest fruits (acorn, chestnut,...). Finaly, place a little mushroom and a tag with your message.

Designed by Višnja Skorin