Transfer your favourite photograph onto candles

The perfect idea for a gift!

New! Hobby Line FOTO TRANSFER POTCH Varnishes for candles on wax base satin or with glimmer effect. 


1 For priming the smooth wax surface, apply the FOTO TRANSFER POTCH on the area that you want to design. Let dry (approx. 20 minutes).

2 Print the digital photo with a laser printer or create a laser copy from the original photo. Using a synthetic brush spread the POTCH on the printed picture side + the candle. Work quickly!

3 Immediately place the coated picture side down on the candle. Evenly and smoothly
press the entire picture with a wiper or ruler. Remove left-over glue with a cloth immediately. Let it dry for 24 hours at room temperature or blow dry for 10 minutes on the lowest setting.

4 Moisten the paper layer; wait a little until the paper is soaked. Now rub the paper off with your fingers. The waterproof print color which is embedded in the POTCH remains.
5 Fine white paper fibre residue will vanish when the picture is painted with varnish for candles.

Photo and text: C. Kreul GmbH