Line Art on tray and mugs

Line art motifs look super stylish in their simplicity.

What does line art actually mean? A motif is drawn with a pencil or brush stroke in a single uninterrupted line. This forces you to work out the most important shapes. Plus, line art motifs look super stylish in their simplicity.

Herr Letter inspires us to do just that with these summery cups and a matching tray. For this, he combines the pastel Chalky-Chic shades with black lines or implements the style with the shades of Marabu Porcelain and the Porcelain & Glas Painter in black.

How it is done:

1 Pre-sketch the motif on the tray with a lead pencil.

2 Pour colors onto a mixing palette or plate and paint the shapes neatly with a large brush and allow to dry thoroughly.

3 Once dry, draw another sketch over the shapes with a pencil and trace the Line Art with a fine brush and black paint.

4 Thoroughly pre-clean cups with scouring milk and household alcohol. Pick up paint mixed in the wanted shade from a plate with a small sponge and dab on a circle. Alternatively, apply paint on the bottom rim of the cup and allow the colors to dry.

5 Use the Porcelain & Glass Painter in black to paint on your fine Line Art design. Then cure the design in the oven so that the motifs are dishwasher safe.

Photos, text and idea by Marabu