An Easter Greeting Card

Decorate an interesting greeting card with stamps.

Material and tools:

greeting card in two colors,
scrapbooking paper,
stamps ("Paris Couture" or "Cameo"),
decorative ribbon 50 cm,
universal glue.



1 Draw an egg, size is up to you, on white paper and then cut it out. To make it easier, fold the paper and draw one half of the egg.

2 Cut the pink paper 2 mm narrower than the card. Transfer the outline of the egg and then cut out with a scalpel.

3 Cut the decorative paper into ribbons 5-6 cm. Fold the ribbon into a fan shape (as shown in the picture). If the paper proves to be too hard, wet it a little to make it easier to fold.

4 Glue the fan shaped paper on the greeting card (check the cut of the egg). Glue two decorative ribbons on the edges.

5 Line all the edges, on the outside and inside, with ink.

6 Stamp with butterflies and other motifs.

7 Glue the upper bit of the card on the base. Tie a bow and write a message.

Made by: Višnja Skorin