Key to my Heart

Use a stamp to make a romantic greeting card.

You will need:

stamp with key motifs,
transparent stamp block,
plain greeting card,
scrapbooking paper,
zig-zag scissors
and a decorative ribbon.



1 Take the protective foil off the stamp and press it onto the stamp block. Dab the stamp with inkpad.

2 Press different keys in different directions onto the card.

3 Use zig-zag scissors to cut out a ribbon from scrapbooking paper.

4 To get a 3D image, use the inkpad to spread the darker ink on the edge of the ribbon. Glue the ribbon on the bottom third of the card.

5 Write or print a message on an oval you have cut out with zig-zag scissors. Use the darker ink on the edges as well. Glue it on the card using glue dots.

6 Ideally an old lock would be great, if not, a printed one looks great. Punch a hole into the lock and tie it to the bow using a thin wire. Glue the bow with the lock onto the card.

Made by: Višnja Skorin