Pretty tops for furniture knobs

Upcycling is in!

Old or plain furniture knobs are quick and easy to pep up with a coat of FIMO.
With their bright colours and lovely patterns, these furniture knobs are perfect for
adding a modern look and feel-good touch to any home.

You will need these STAEDTLER articles: FIMO soft, FIMO effect (205 & 305), Acrylic roller, Clay machine, Modelling tools, Gloss varnish.

You will also require:
Old, damaged furniture knobs/drawer handles, or, alternatively, plain furniture knobs/drawer handles from DIY stores (ceramic, porcelain, wood or metal,
heat-resistant, with a diameter of e.g. 27/32/35/39/44 mm ), smooth glass or porcelain work surface, glass (approx. 7 cm in diameter), baking paper, scissors and kitchen knife.


1 One block of FIMO soft or FIMO effect is sufficient for covering two to three furniture knobs (depending on size). Roll out the colour of your choice using the acrylic roller first and then the clay machine on setting 1. This will leave you with a nice, smooth and evenly flat sheet of FIMO.

2 To make a striped, spiral or ornate look, take a small piece of different-coloured modelling clay and roll it with your hand into a uniformly thin sausage on the work surface. Place the sausage on the sheet of FIMO in a spiral, striped or ornate design as required. Roll over everything with the acrylic roller. Continue to roll until the sheet of FIMO is completely smooth.

3 Now it's time to cover your furniture knobs: Place a glass upside down on the sheet of FIMO and cut out a circle of clay by cutting around the outside of the glass with a kitchen knife. Lift the glass off and remove surplus modelling clay. Centre the patterned circle of FIMO on top of the furniture knob and shape the clay down and around the knob to fully cover it. Creases around the sides need to be squeezed together and then smoothed over using your finger or a flat modelling tool. Cut off surplus FIMO around the screw on the back of the knob. If you are making a mushroom-topped knob, do not squeeze the FIMO creases together completely,
shape them to create a wave-like effect.

4 For a polka-dot design, shape balls out of little bits of FIMO, place on the covered furniture knob and press flat with your finger. Cut petals out of a rolled-out sheet of FIMO with the kitchen knife and place them in a circle around the surface of the covered furniture knob. For the centre of the flower, make tiny balls out of sunflower FIMO and place them in the middle. Stand the finished furniture knobs on a piece of baking paper and place in the oven to harden for 30 min at 110°C. Leave to cool and then varnish. The finished knobs you've made to match your furniture can now be screwed onto your cupboards and drawers.

Have fun crafting!

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