Space Mobile with Marabu Glow in the Dark

Small stars and rockets light up in the dark.

The small, luminous rocket flies completely freely through the children's room. As an exciting eye-catching feature on the wall or free-floating from the ceiling as a mobile – both are possible with an embroidery frame as the basic structure – and painted with fluorescent Marabu Glow in the Dark Paint, the small stars and rockets also light up in the dark. This is how little astronauts' dreams can begin!

How it is done:

1 The first step is to use an acrylic roller to roll out the modelling clay on some baking paper to a thickness of approx. 5 mm.

2 Next cut out the shapes of the individual elements for the mobile. Use a pin to then create a hole in each of the elements for hanging at a later stage. Modelling tools can be used to add greater detail to the elements, such as the rockets.

3 Once the modelling clay is completely dry, the next step is to paint the elements with the Glow in the Dark paint. You should proceed swiftly here as the paint dries quickly. A further layer of paint may be necessary after the first coat to ensure good coverage.

4 After drying the paint, fix the individual elements to the embroidery frame. To do this, first remove the outer part of the embroidery frame. Now insert a thread through the whole in the modelling clay element and then knot both ends of the thread on the outside of the frame. Then fix the knots with some tape so that the thread cannot slip out of place.

5 Once all elements have been placed in the frame, re-attach the outer frame to the inner frame and screw in place.

And this is how it looks at night

Photos, text and idea by Marabu GmbH.