An Angel made from Faux Leather Paper Star Strips

This angel is made from faux leather paper star strips. A leather cord with a small decorative jewellery pendant is used for hanging.

How to do it:

1 Angel wings and head: Cut a faux leather paper star strip into two 23 cm pieces. Measure 9 cm and fold. Shape the wings around a pencil.

2 Use the rest of the paper strip for the head. Bend and roll the paper strip around a pencil. Use one whole paper star strip for the body.

3 Glue on the head and the wings. Glue the inside rounded section of the wing onto the inside top section of the wing. Glue the body together by the neck.

4 Make a hole for hanging at the top of the head using punch pliers.

5 Thread a leather cord through the hole and thread a jewellery pendant onto the leather cord.