Notebook with Marabu Glitter Pen

There is always something to note down or sketch.

Notebooks are extremely important: whether at work or in private life. There is always something to note down or sketch. That's why everyone is happy to have a pretty notebook. And if you design it yourself, it's the universal gift for every occasion!

How it is done:

1 If necessary, clean and dry the notebook before designing. It should be clean and dry so that the paint can adhere best. Cover the work area and prepare the materials.

2 Test the glitter colour on a separate paper. Then transfer the lettering directly from the pen to the notebook.

3 Add a few more dots for decoration and leave to dry.

4 The drying time is about 6 hours.

Tips and tricks:

The lettering can also be printed out and first transferred to the notebook with tracing paper or a pencil. The contours can then be easily traced with the glitter pen.

Idea, photos and text by Marabu GmbH