Cactus makes perfect

Painted stones with Marabu Decorlack and Brilliant Painter.

Cacti are hugely popular, and you can easily create these very low-maintenance ‘plants’ yourself using oval-shaped stones, Marabu Decorlack and Brilliant Painters. Once dry, these spineless stone cacti can be planted in small clay pots.

How it is done:

1 Before you start, go out and find some round, flat, oval-shaped stones with a diameter of 5 to 12 cm. Wash and leave them to dry.

2 First, paint the stones on one side with green acrylic craft paint. Leave them to dry before painting the other side.

3 Once your stones are be completely covered and dry, add the spines using the white Brilliant Painter. There are plenty of possible styles. Why not try a few out?

4 Before you 'plant' your stone cacti, fill the pot with gravel. That way your plants will sit securely.

Lovely idea, photos and text by Marabu GmbH