Checked St. Valentine

Make a lovely greeting card and a box for Valentine's Day.

Make a lovely greeting card and a box for Valentine's Day with different decorative ribbons and a paper punch.

You will need:

  • red cardboard or fotocarton
  • white felt (or white cardboard)
  • 20 cm checked ribbons 2,5 cm wide
  • 40 cm checked ribbons 1 cm wide
  • 30 cm ribbons with hearts 0,5 cm wide
  • paper-punch with heart motif
  • a heart-shaped cardboard box
  • white acrylic paint
  • a joint photograph 6 x 6 cm
  • zig - zag scissors


1 Cut out the red cardboard size 32 x 13 cm. Fold it into a greeting card.

2 Cut out the white felt or white cardboard size 14 x 10 cm and cut out a little heart on the bottom.

3 Draw a ribbon in width 2,5 cm on the back of the white felt, and then divide it with 8 vertical lines. These will be slots for the ribbon.

4 Thread the ribbon, glue at the ends and cut off the extra.

5 Cut at 7 places beneath the wide ribbon and thread the narrower ribbon. Leave the longer ends in the middle and tie a bow.

6 Insert a piece of white cardboard with a message inside the greeting card. If you want you can cut the edges with zig - zag scissors.


7 Paint the box with white acrylic paint. Place the photograph beneath the lid and glue it.

8 Glue the thinner ribbon with hearts along the edge of the lid, and a wide ribbon on the bottom.

Here's one more idea:

1 Cut 6 slots size 2,5 cm on the upper side of the white cardboard. Glue the ends of the ribbons beneath the cardboard, thread through and tie a bow in the middle.

2 Glue the thinner ribbon below the places with cut out hearts and glue everything onto the greeting card.

3 Cut out a bigger heart from the red cardboard and a smaller white one.

4 Glue the white heart onto the red one, and then everything on the card. Glue only the middle part so that the heart remains three-dimensional.

5 Add a few drops of glue and while still wet drop a few glass beads on it.

Designed by Višnja Skorin