Dazzling moments

A big birthday is always a good excuse to celebrate and spoil the guest of honour.

The festive lustrous lanterns on the elegantly set table are not only decorative, they make a perfect gift too. 

 A particularly sophisticated look can be created by embossing them with a baroque pattern and then applying a little gold powder. For adding a special sparkle to your party!



1 Roll each of the blocks of translucent FIMO effect out to a thin sheet using the acrylic roller first and then the clay machine on setting 1. Each sheet should be large enough to cover one half of the glass.

2 Place the ‚lace trim‘ FIMO texture sheet on one of the rolled-out sheets. Rub over the texture sheet using the end of the acrylic roller or go over it firmly with the roller held horizontally in order to emboss the pattern in the sheet. Cut the edges of the sheet straight using the blade.

3 Wrap both sheets around the glass and press on gently using your fingers. The sides of the sheets should join but not overlap. Rub over the join and smooth it out with your fingers. Re-emboss the pattern on the smoothed-over area if necessary. Cut along the top and bottom edges of the glass with the blade to remove any excess material.

To create the sophisticated gold effect, use your finger to add gold metallic powder to the embossed lace pattern and rub it in carefully.

For the hearts, roll the white FIMO soft out to a thin sheet using the acrylic roller first and then the clay machine on setting 5 and cover carefully with leaf metal. Continue rolling over the leaf metal with the acrylic roller until it has a cracked structure (crackle look). Cut four large and four small hearts out of the sheet.

Position the large hearts evenly over the covered glass and press on with your finger: place the four small hearts in-between. Harden in the oven for 30 minutes at 110°C. Take the items out, leave them to cool and then varnish them. Finish off by adding a tea-light.

Would you rather have smooth, gold-coloured heart tattoos on your lantern?
If so, instead of the crackle-look motifs, cut hearts out of white FIMO soft and position them on the covered glass. Harden in the oven as described above and leave to cool. Use the brush to apply size for leaf metal (art. no. 8782 BK) to the hearts and allow to dry until it has become transparent. Add the leaf metal, dab it on gently using a soft brush and smooth over.
Lacquer with varnish for leaf metal (art. no. 8783 BK).

Foto and text: Staedtler GmbH (http://staedtler.1agency.de/pdf/englisch/FIMO_dazzling_moments.pdf)