Valentine Hearts

Make this lovely spring arrangement!

Using this ideal marbling paint, beautiful marble effects can be achieved on many different substrates.


1 Fill container (plastic or glass) with water, put couple of drops of marbling paint (best if you mix 2 or 3 shades), and carefully stir it with a wooden stick. You will not be able to completely clean the containers after using them for marbling so you can protect it with a plastic bag.

2 Put a styrofoam heart on a wooden stick and immerse it completely in water. Depending on the base material of the object you are marble-painting, the color will be dust-dry within 15 - 30 minutes.

3 Carefully but quickly pull out the object by turning it around to achieve interesting effects. For the next marbling phase carefully remove the excess color using a sheet of paper (edge) from the surface of the water. Remove any paint residues to ensure that the new color is distributed uniformly. Replace the water when it becomes too dirty. Close the paint jars immediately after use. We recommend wearing gloves and an apron when painting.

Note: Always be careful to remove the excess color with a sheet of paper from the water surface - never pour it in the sink!

Photo: Marabu GmbH