Valentine’s Greetings

Split pearls make beautiful additions to clothing, shoes and accessories, greeting cards, table decorations, and much more.

You will need: box, acrylic paint, copy paper and perlen pen.


1 Prime the complete box with the ivory acrylic matte paint.

2 Transfer the heart motif onto the cover of the box. Place the copy paper between the pattern and the cover and, with pressure, trace the pattern with a pointed pen.

3 The pearls are dabbed pearl by pearl directly out of the pen. The size of the pearl varies depending on the amount of paint applied. Initially the pearl appears pointed but after a few seconds it will form a decorative half pearl.
Allow the pearls to air dry.

If desired, you can decorate the inside and outside of the heart design with, for example, wood stain.

Photo and text: C.Kreul GmbH