Paint & Puzzle kids fun

Paint the puzzle pieces and put them together.

Understanding the world and creating something new with their own hands – this is a wonderful experience for children with the Marabu KiDS Paint & Puzzle sets.

First, the puzzle pieces are colourfully painted and then the pieces can be easily put together.

How it is done:

1 First cover the work area well and put on a painting smock or apron if necessary. Prepare the wooden board with the puzzle pieces and the other working materials.

2 Colour the puzzle pieces as desired with a paintbrush and let the colours dry well.

3 Detach the dried puzzle pieces from the board....

4 and plug them together as described on the instructions.

Tips and Tricks

  • The puzzle pieces can also be primed with white paint before colouring.
  • The puzzle pieces can be painted on one side or both sides with paint. Let the colours dry well before turning the wooden board.
  • For a permanent fixation of the puzzle pieces we can recommend our Marabu KiDS wood glue.

Photos, idea and text by Marabu GmbH.