Small Glittery Back to School Clipboard

Add style to your plain clipboards to make school fun by adding glitter!


NOTE: Let dry completely between painting steps.

1 Make sure surface is dust free.

2 Use painter's tape to mark off an area for name, school subject, etc.

3 Use #12 Flat brush to base coat the entire clipboard Black. Rinse brush.

4 Remove tape and use same brush to base coat border with Ocean Blue. Rinse brush.

5 Once dry use a pencil to trace and transfer patterns.

6 Use #1 Round brush to base coat designs using White to mimic the look of a chalkboard. Rinse brush.

7 Then use a #12 Flat brush to apply Galaxy Blue Craft Twinkles DCT18 in the border section. Rinse brush.

8 Then use the Crystal Writer DCTW01 to add glitter over all the White painted areas.

9 Once the border is completely dry use the Lime Green Writer to personalize with a name, school, subject, etc. Also add dots to outline the border.

10 Let completely dry laying flat before using.

Designed by Micaela Spiggle