Macramé Bracelet with Marabu Fashion-Spray

Macramé is trendy, colour gradients are trendy – so this bracelet is doubly trendy.

Blogger DIY Carinchen created this pretty macramé bracelet for us and gave it a chic ombre look with Marabu Fashion-Spray. And don't worry, this macramé spiral knot is also suitable for beginners – so take heart!

How it is done:

1 You need 2 threads of yarn (1 mm) 1 x 60 cm, 1x 120 cm. Double them up, knot them and fix them with tape or on a clipboard. The two long threads are on the outside.

2 Spiral knot: The yarn thread on the far left is placed under the two in the middle and over the thread on the far right. Then take the right thread and pass it over the two in the middle and pull it through the loop of the left thread. Now pull the outer threads tightly into the knot while holding the two threads in the middle. Repeat this knot - the bracelet will gradually twist itself into a spiral. When your bracelet is long enough, shorten the bands with the scissors and knot the ends.

3 Spray half of the bracelet with the fashion spray in bordeaux and while the paint is still wet, spray the other side with a lighter colour, e.g. pink. Spray over the first colour for a few centimetres so that they mix here and create a beautiful colour transition. Allow the lighter shade to fade out towards the end.

Tips and tricks: After drying, the colour can be fixed in the oven so that it can also be put in the washing machine.

Video: Makramee Bracelet with Marabu Fashion-Spray

Photos, text and video by Marabu GmbH