Chalky marker 2 - 3 mm

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 x  3,49 EUR / 26,30 kn


Matt, water-based. Thickness approx. 2-3 mm.

Messages, shopping lists, and greetings are scribbled onto boards, self-made memo boards, or glass surfaces "on the go". Take the cap off, scribble away, and wipe off later.  "Pen instead of chalk" means cleaner hands, and cleaner lines, strokes, and letters. As a result, cookie jars are given a new label, and herb pots, menu cards, and jelly jars tell of their contents.
With the Chalk Marker, Chalkboard varnish, and KREUL Acrylic Matt Paint, creative people "recycle" everyday objects and give them a new function with the board surface.

Matt, non-permanent fluid chalk.
Covering, light-fast, fast drying.
Predominantly inks, min. 60% made from sustainable raw materials.
Paint application on smooth and non-absorbent surfaces can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.
For painting and writing on board surfaces and backgrounds, windows, mirrors, glass, tiles, foil, metal, and acrylic glass.
Ideal for surfaces created with KREUL Chalkboard varnish.
Valve system ensures precise, even flow of ink.
Tips retain their shape and can be removed and cleaned with water.