Porcelain Clay Graduated Color Ginko Leaf Necklace

Simple but sure to make a statement with its soft and subtle design!

1 Start with clean hands and work surface area. Good work surfaces include wax paper or disposable foil. Wash hands after use.

2 Roll a small amount of clay into a thin sheet approximately 1/8" thick.

3 Using your Ginko leaf template from the Sculpey Design It Template General shapes, cut out a few Ginko leaves. Smooth edges.

4 Add some veins to the leaves with your craft knife. Using the needle tool in the Sculpey Clay Starter kit, make a hole in the stem for hanging. Curve edges slightly for a more realistic look. Allow to dry overnight completely.

5 Paint your leaf with Light Green front and back and allow to dry. Next paint the bottom edges with Bright Yellow. Towards the top use the Medium Green. At the very top where the stem is use the Evergreen paint. Finish off the painting with a little bit of Metallic Gold all along the bottom edge. When the paint is dry you can coat the leaf with the Sculpey Gloss Glaze. Allow to dry completely.

6 Time to assemble the necklace. Make a little pearl dangle with the gold eye pin and pearl bead. Twist and tighten and trim excess. Add the small gold jump ring in the hole in the stem of your leaf. Before closing up the jump ring add the little pearl dangle in the front. Close your jump ring. Cut Chain to your desired length. Run the chain through the jump ring and then attach a clasp.

Photo and text: Polyform